Twisted Rivers White Raven

Twisted Rivers White Raven

2015 Clarksburg California White Raven

ALCOHOL: 13.5%

HARVEST DATE: September 10, 2014


pH: 3.52
TA: 5.7
VA: 0.16 g/L


BOTTLE NOTES: This light and fruity wine is a result of a carefully balanced blend of these two regional favorites. The Chenin Blanc fruit adds the apricot flavors, preserving the delicacy and aromatic charms of this varietal. The Viognier introduces the pleasant floral aroma of honeysuckle and the rich citrus flavirs of lemon, grapefruit and pineapple. This appealing blend is very crisp and refreshing.

TASTING NOTES: Prepare to be embraced by the essence of springtime as you taste this wine. Clarksburg is renown for its Chenin Blancs and Viogniers, and this wine—a blend of the two varietals—does not disappoint. While light on sugar, it holds the essence of the fruit and does not overpower with any rich and/or syrupy flavor. Yummy and superbly drinkable!